The Long List of the Award for the best book on Byzantium in Russian

The Academic Board of the Foundation "Metropoli Bisanzio" announces the results of the first round of the competition for the Award for the best book on Byzantium written in the Russian language . The Council presents the long list of 10 books that qualified for the second round of the competition. The books are listed in the order of their submission to the Foundation.

Nizhny Arkhyz and Senty - The Oldest Churches in Russia. Problems of Christian Art of Alania and Caucasus. 2011.
A. Y. Vinogradov, D. V. Beletsky

The Decline of the Empire: The Intellectual Environment of Late Byzantium. 2013.
T. V. Kushch

The Pathways of the Byzantine Art. 2013.
O. S. Popova

Analogion Icons in Byzantium and the Old Russia. 2012
L. M. Evseeva

Byzantine Antiquities. Works of Art of the ?V-XV Centuries in the Collections of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. 2013.
Editor I. A. Sterligova

The Financial Policy of Justinian the Great. 2011.
V. V. Serov

The Byzantine Church at the Turn of the XIV century. 2011.
A. A. Przhegorlinsky

The Joint Catalogue of the Greek illuminated Manuscripts in the Russian Archives. Volume 1. Manuscripts of the IX-X centuries in the State Historical Museum. Part 1. 2011 .
E.N. Dobrynina

The Evolution of the Monetary Systems of the Black Sea Coast and the Balkans in the XIII-XV Centuries 2011.
A. L. Ponomarev

Church Architecture of the Countries of Transcaucasia of VII century. Formation and the Development of the Tradition. 2013.
A. Yu. Kazaryan

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