3 August 2013. Program of vnts in the rgion of Tula dedicated to the cross years of tourism Russia - Italy in 2013 2014

The round table dedicated to the holding of the cross-years of tourism Russia - Italy in 2013-2014 was hold on the 3 of August, 2013 in the Tula region. The event was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Tula region Marina Levin, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Tula region Ribkina Tatiana and representatives of the administrations of 18 municipalities of the Tula region. President of the Foundation Metropoli Igor Danilov made a report on "Russia the heir of the Byzantine culture. The goals and objectives of the Association Cities Heirs of Byzantium (ACEB)".

The representatives of the International Foundation Metropoli expressed to the Government of Tula region and personally to the Deputy Prime Minister of Tula region Levina Marina, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Tula region Rybkina Tatiana and to the Head of the department of tourism of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Tula region Dudkina Larissa gratitude for the excellent organization of the roundtable and hospitality and sincere appreciation for the tremendous work invaluable in importance, to preserve the cultural heritage of Russia carried out in the Tula region. They noted that the selfless work of the government of Tula region demonstrates intelligence, honesty and spirituality of Russians who love, know and promote their culture, which undoubtedly has been and will be worthy of the most sincere respect.

At the end of the round table, a solemn opening ceremony of the Festival of the Great Travelers was hold. The picturesque banks of the river Oka gathered the most life-loving, energetic and active people who like to test their stamina, temper their selves not only physically, but spiritually!

The starting point for the organizers of the Festival were the results of the largest in the history of the geography the Great Northern Expedition, the results which forever marked on all maps of the world. The names of the great travelers - Vasiliy and Tatiana Pronchishchev, Seeemen Chelyuskin, Aleksei Chirikov and others need to be known and remembered by our contemporaries, they should be proud of their work and their contribution to the study and research of the toughest parts of the earth, the Arctic limits of the Russian land.

Within two working days of the Festival ethnic interactive areas "South", "North", "West" and "East" were open. The youngest guests of the Festival were delighted at the playground, where, together with the Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan could try their selves at various competitions.

In one of the most beautiful rivers of Russia - Oka thee great theatrical parade of floats was held. The Festival participants showed great ingenuity in the construction and design of floating devices. Each raft has turned into the floating stage area. It was colorful and wonderful sight! The first day of the Festival of the great travelers finished with a fire pyrotechnic show, which left nobody indifferent.

The discussion of the role of culture and tourism in the economic development of the region and the prospects of bilateral Russian-Italian cooperation in the framework of the Association Cities Heirs of Byzantium ACEB continued at a colloquium at the State Memorial History, Art and Natural Museum-Reserve in the name of Vasily Polenov. At the end of the business program the participants had the opportunity to see the work of Polenov, witness the Oka spaces, where the artist lived and worked, dip in the tradition and comfort Polenov estate, breathe deeply of fresh air filled with aroma of pine forests.

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