10 August 2013. The solemn presentation of the Album Cities Heirs of Byzantium tot h City of Suzdal

10 August 2013 the Album Cities Heirs of Byzantium to the City of Suzdal was presented in a solemn ceremony during the celebrations of the Day of the city of Suzdal. The participants of the ceremony noted the high importance of spiritual revival of Russians, understressed the need of the study and preservation of cultural heritage of Russia - successor of the Byzantine culture, monuments of this culture as an opportunity to attract the world's attention to the wealth of cultural heritage of Russia. The sides noted the high value of the work to preserve the cultural heritage of the Byzantine Empire in the growth of self-awareness and self-identification of the Russians in the space of world culture. Representatives of the International Foundation Metropoli thanked the administration of the city of Suzdal for the great work on the conservation and restoration of monuments of Russian culture that demonstrates intelligence, honesty and spirituality of Russians who love, know and promote their culture, which undoubtedly has been and will be worthy of the most sincere respect.

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