14 May 2013. Art exhibition Other Life

Rome, 14 May 2013

The official opening of the exhibition of paintings by Russian artists "Another Life" was held in the office of the Foundation Metropoli. On the occasion of the presentation of another cultural initiative of the Foundation Metropoli the project of the Association of cities ACEB - Cities Heirs Byzantium has been exposed. The project develops knowledge of the culture of the Byzantine Empire in order to expand cultural and economic exchanges between Italy and Russia, bringing in City member of the Association the tourist and investment flows. After all, the cultural tradition of Byzantium is an integral part of the cultures of the two countries and unites Italy and Russia.

The Art Exhibition has been attended of several Italian and Russian representatives of the institutions and culture representatives, including:

  • - SERGEY LEVANDOVSKY - Senior research associate at State Russian Museum, assistant professor at Repin Institute, Member of Russia Artists' Union and Russia Journalists Union
  • - MIKHAIL KORYAKIN Russian artist, author of the exhibition
  • - ASHOT KHACHTRYAN - Russian artist, author of the exhibition
  • - FIORELLO PRIMI The Presidente of I Borghi piu belli dItalia
  • - UMBERTO FORTE The Director of I Borghi piu belli dItalia
  • - ANTONELLA MARIA MInistry of the Economic Development
  • - CLAUDIO STRINATI historian and art critic
  • - DOTT.SSA SILVIA RONCHEY professor expert in Byzantine Art
  • - OSVALDO DE SANTIS President of the 20Th Century Fox
  • - ALESSANDRO VOGLINO Director if the Libraries of Rome
  • - CRISTINA PRIARONE Director of Rome Lazio Film Commission
  • - DANIELA TRALDI President of the Association Opera Theatre of Rome
  • - CARLO BRANCALEONI - Rai Cinema
  • - MARIO LA TORRE Professor of Banking and Finance

During the evening the President of the Foundation Metropoli Mr. Danilov, the President of I Borghi piu Belli dItalia Mr. Primi and the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development Mrs. Maria spoke. Mrs Maria told that the Ministry would support the Foundation Metropoli and the project ACEB City Heirs Byzantium.

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