31 August 2013, Sabbioneta. Photo exhibition Russian Cities Heirs of Byzantium

The 31st of August 2013 in Sabbioneta, UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the occasion of the Forum of the Beauty the photo exhibition Russian Cities Heirs of Byzantium was opened. The forum was organized by the Association of Italian cities which includes 240 cities of Italy. The exhibition of the Russian cities was opened in the central city palace - Palazzo Ducale. In the refined atmosphere of his ascetic three main halls of the Duke of Gonzaga, a photo exhibition presented 15 historic monuments of Russia, created in the tradition of Byzantine culture:

1. Velikiy Novgorod, Cattedrale Sofiyskiy.

2. Kronstadt, Cattedrale Navale

3. Kursk, Monastero Znamenskiy.

4. Lipetsk, Cattedrale della Trinita Vivificante.

5. Nizhniy Novgorod, Basilica di San Sergiy Radonezhskiy.

6. Orel, Monastero Uspenskiy.

7. Pskov, Monastero Mirozhskiy.

8. Rostov Velikiy, Kremlino.

9. Smolensk, Chiesa dell'Arcangelo Michele.

10. Sochi, Kerch', Basilica di Ioan Predteci.

11. Suzdal', Kremlino.

12. Tambov, Basilica Spaso – Preobrazhenskiy.

13. Tula, Basilica di S. Radonezhskogo.

14. Tver', Trinita Bianca.

15. Yaroslavl, Monastero maschile Spaso - Preobrazhenskiy.

The exhibition attracted great interest of officials and representatives of the cities of Italy, as well as of the residents of the city Sabbioneta and of tourist arrived to Italy from different countries. At the opening of the photo exhibition the President of the Foundation Metropoli Igor Danilov stressed that now we can admire the beauty of Russian cities due to the enormous work on the conservation and restoration of monuments of Russian culture, which is actually carried out by the heads of Russian cities.

The President of the Association of Italian cities expressed his admiration for the cultural heritage of Russia and asked the Foundation Metropoli to take into consideration the possibility to have the Forum of Beauty the next year in one of the Russian city.

The President of the Foundation, Mr. Igor Danilov and the President Mr. Fiorello Primi discussed the prospects of organizing photo exhibitions of Russian cities in different cities of Italy, as well as the organization of the Russian-Italian Forum of Beauty in Russia. Following the talks, an agreement was signed.

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