26 July 2014. Rossano conference release supplement

The conference was held on Saturday, July 26, in Rossano, one of the most picturesque corners of the Calabria region, inthe Byzantine culture center. It was supported by the City - Heirs of Byzantium Association (ACEB), Gal Alto Jonio Cosentino and GAL Sila Greca. The event was attended by the representatives of nine towns of the Calabria region having the Byzantine heritage traces: Amendolara, Rossano, Santa Severina, Roseto Capo Spulico, Montegiordano, Oriolo, Castroregio, Cropalati and aloveto.

ACEB is the Association functioning on the territory of Italy as well as on territory of Russia with the support of the Metropoli Bisanzio Foundation in order to elaborate tourist routes emphasizing the relationship of the Italian and Russian cultures, based on the common Byzantine heritage.

It was not by chance that Mr. Korotkov, the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Palermo, took the floor and welcomed the guests of the conference on behalf of the state and social structures of his country whilst Mr. Orlov, a representative of Novgorod the Great, presented a conducted tour route of the Russian cities associated with the name of Theophanes the Greek (a great artist of the Byzantine Empire), namely, Moscow - Novgorod - St. Petersburg route.

The cultural component testified by the participation of relevant experts, was added by presenting the plan of tourism development to historical monuments and archaeological sites.

Numerous tour operators from different areas with the Byzantine heritage agreed with the necessity of elaborating a tour network aimed not only at increasing archaeological interest but also at improving the sales of local goods and services.

Elaboration of a special network between the ACEB, tour operators and local authorities no later than September will be the subject of a workshop on October 2, because the "Byzantine Calabria" routes and the "Byzantine Sicily" routes will be presented at the exhibition to be held in St. Petersburg. The exhibition will be attended by local tour operators interested in new travel destinations from Russia to Italy.

The Consul of the RF as well as Antonello Chiminelli, PhD, the Mayor of Amendolara, confirmed a great interest to the initiative presented by Mr. Danilov, the President of Association, and Antonio Pagano, PhD, a native of Amendolara, the Vice-President of the Association and the President of the Association for the Development of the Upper Ionian Sea.

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