Photo exhibition «Byzantines Routes» in Rome

This past Saturday, December 13, 2014, at the Museo Pietro Canonica in Villa Borghese in Rome, the opening of the photo exhibition "Byzantines Routes", conceived by ACEB Association City Heirs of Byzantium was held.

The inauguration was attended by delegations and cultural attaches of the Greek and Israeli embassies, Councillor Alberta Campitelli (UO Villas and Historical Parks), Dr. Alessio Ferrari Angelo Comneno, President of the Accademia Angelica Constantiniana. Among other observers, private entities in the field of tourism, including travel agencies and tour operators attended the exhibition.

The exposition «Byzantine Routes» emphasizes cultural links, based on Byzantine heritage, between cities of Italy, Turkey, Israel and Russia.

Theophanes the Greek and Andrey Rublev were very important artists, whose worldwide popularity can be compared with as great a master as Giotto. The “byzantine corridor” was an almost unique tie, the only route existing in barbarian lands connecting Rome to Costantinoples (via Ravenna), like a trickle of fresh air for the Byzantine Romans of that era. Each of the proposed Byzantine Routes tells its specific story.

Also during the ceremony the first prize of the photo competition «Journey through Byzantium» was awarded to the winner Claudia Rita Scicchitano, for the «Byzantine architecture and visual arts» section.

The event was promoted by: Giovanna Marinelli – Head of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion, Honourable Valentina Grippo – President of XII Commission (Tourism, Fashion and International Relations), Claudio Parisi Presicce – Capitoline Superintendent of Cultural Heritage. The museum services were provided by Zetema Culture Project, The museum space was offered by the Administration of the Museo Pietro Canonica, in particular by the manager, Dr. Carla Scicchitano and her staff, and also by Ms Grippo and her office.

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