6/7 September 2013. The Delegation of the Foundation Metropoli visiting the city of Miazzo

On September 6, the delegation arrived at Milazzo and was met by the Aldermanof Culture and Tourism Prof. Dario Russo and Mrs Lo Presti head of the Culture and Tourism office. A technical meeting was held with the Mayor Dr. Carmelo Pino in the old palace of the ‘700, the Palazzo d'Amico, on this meeting he confirmed the membership in the Association ACEB and that he would send in the required time Resolution of the Council and the events program for 2014/16. During the meeting a possible bilateral exchange to organize and support all initiatives of tourism, economic and cultural center that will open up new development scenarios in the Russian / Italian market were discussed.

The city of Milazzo is pleased to participate in the organization and promotion of the first workshop by providing its communal spaces.

The first Italian / Russian Workshop will cover the following topics: tourism, food and wine. The two-day program offered to the delegation of the Foundation Metropoli by the Mayor of the City of Milazzo in this first meeting could be a model program to readjust during the first workshop.

To the delegation were offered delicious lunches and dinners so it has had a possibility to taste the typical Sicilian dishes and of the city of Milazzo.

Another important moment was offered by the most important in the Region of Sicily Naval Company "SIREMAR Society of Islands" and in particular the Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Seminara and a shareholder of the company Mr. Felice Nania invited the delegation on board of the one of their fast ships called "Vulcano Island".

The delegation was brought to the island of Lipari traveling in the cockpit in the company of the Captain and First Officer.

A special thanks goes to Mr Felice Nania, the author and actuator of this meeting between the Delegation of the Russian Foundation Metropoli of Saint Petersburg and the City of Milazzo.

We express our gratitude to the "SIREMAR Islands Company" and its shareholder Dottore Felice Nania for their help in organizing the program of the visit of the delegation of the Foundation Metropoli to Milazzo and a trip to the island of Lipari.

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