The 23rd of May the round-table took place in Cerchiara di Calabria

In the splendid palace Rovitti was hold the round-table of cities-partners of association ACEB about “ORIGINAL BYZANTINE HERITAGE. THE NETWORK OF TURISM DEVELOPMENT”. The event was organized with the assistance of Cerchiara di Calabria (city-mebmer of ACEB) and the Foundation of the Sanctuary Santa-Maria-delle-Armi under the direction of Antonio Blandi.

In the context of the meeting was presented a comprehensive report of the President of ACEB, Igor DANILOV, about the mission of Association as the supranational organization. In the event and institutional debate participated also the mayor of Cerchiara di Calabria, Antonio CARLOMAGNO, and the Administration of the city, the President of the Foundation Santa-Maria-delle-Armi, Luca FRANZESE, the mayor of Cassano allo Jonio, Gianni PAPASSO, assessor of Rossano, Natale CHIARELLO, the rector of the sanctuary, Don Maurizio BLOISE. Greatly cognitive were the lectio magistralis of the Prof.Filippo BURGARELLA, an outstanding byzantinist from the University of Calabria, and the report of the Prof. Stefania BOSCO about the recent restoration of unique artistic archeological finds of the Sanctuary. Very meaningful were reports of the president of association “Italy-Russia: Culture and language without limits”, Olga KISSELEVA , and Angela DONATO, the president of organization “Dreaming together”, that was kind of “motivating force” of this event. Productive and various debate was completed with the report of the president of GAL Alto Jonio, Federico II, and the mayor of Castroreggio, Tonino SANTAGADA, the mayor of Francavilla Marittima, Leonardo VALENTA, the mayor of Civita, Alessandro TOCCI, the mayor of San-Lorenzo Bellizzi, Antonio CERSOSIMO, the mayor of Frascineto, Angelo CATAPANO. It is also significant that the 22nd of May the mayor of Frascineto invited the president of ACEB to visit the magnificent Museum of byzantine tradition icons. The concluding part of the event was the report- synthesis of Giovanni SODA, an expert of European capitals Program, and the report of Mario OLIVERIO, a technical adviser of the chairman of regional Council of Calabria.

After the round-table took place an inauguration of the photo-exhibition “Byzantine itineraries” where were presented traditional byzantine itineraries of the Association ACEB in Russia: around Velikiy Novgorod, Rostov Velikiy, Moscow and byzantine itineraries in cities of Italy: Rome, Spoleto, Assisi, Montone. For the first time in the exhibition were introduced pictures of byzantine itinerary in Cerchiara: the Sanctuary of Santa-Maria-delle-Armi.

The event was concluded with the performance of remarkable pianist Elina CHERCHESOVA that pleased the audience with Sviridov romances.

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