16 of November, 2013 , Cefalu ' (PA) 1st Business Meeting of the Association of Sicilian municipalities ACEB

On Saturday, November 16th, in Cefalu ' (Pa) was held the first working table of the Sicilian municipalities members of the Association Cities Heirs of Byzantium (ACEB) , created by the Foundation Metropoli Bisanzio of Igor Danilov. With the association ACEB the Foundation wants to pursue its ambitious project to bring Russia and Italy closer involving the towns of both countries with the Byzantine culture. From here, then , open up new possibilities for cultural exchanges and tourism and business partnerships . About all this was spoken in Cefalu ', chosen as the venue of the first meeting for ôsymbolically represent the will of the Association ACEB to join the Western culture with Latin and Byzantine . Plastically cultures living in the Cathedral of Cefalu ', Arab-Norman cathedral built by Roger II , the first King of Sicily".

"The city' of Cefalu ' - said the Mayor Rosario Lapunzina - is honored to host the first meeting of the Sicilian municipalities that are part of the Project Cities Heirs of Byzantium. Cefalu ' was recognized the task of coordinating the Sicilian cities which are part of the project. We intend to honor in the best way the task which was entrusted working to the maximum so that may result from this initiative important opportunities for tourism promotion, cultural and economic life of our territories. I wish to thank , in particular, the President of the Foundation Metropoli , Igor Danilov and the Russian Consul General in Palermo, Vladimir Korotkov for wanting to show our town 'in the role of coordinator of the Sicilian cities Heirs of Byzantium . "

The meeting was also an opportunity to talk about the upcoming Tourism Fair held in March in Moscow and which will be a showcase for the Sicilian municipalities which will participate . Those who have so far joined the Association ACEB are: Cefalu', Milazzo, Acireale, Castiglione di Sicilia, Lipari, Piana degli Albanesi, Messina and others. All keep a record of the Byzantine Empire and a historic-artistic heritage that is there to testify .

A Cefalu' the web site of Aceb was also presented.

It was finally inaugurated a touring photographic exhibition ôCities Heirs of Byzantiumö: a glimpse of Byzantine Russia for all those who live in Cefalu ' and the many tourists who will pass there.

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