5 October 2013. The meeting between the delegation of the Foundation Metropoli and the Mayor of city Castelli

The delegation of the Foundation Metropoli was welcomed by the mayor of the city Castelli on October the 5th, 2013. City Castelli is a small town in the province of Teramo, Abruzzo region, has only 1300 inhabitants, but has a worldwide reputation for its products made from ceramic.

The Exhibition of Castelli has visited many museums such as the Louvre and the British Museum, exhibited in Russia in St. Petersburg in the Hermitage Museum, where one of the rooms is dedicated to ceramics of Castelli.

The Mayor of the city Professor Enzo De Rosa is interested in the Association ACEB and will send a resolution of the adherence of the city. In addition a list of events which are held in the city will be provided in order to include them in the program of the Association ACEB for 2014. Two most important annual events were presented to the delegation:
- August in the Castelli
- Castelli during the Christmas

After the formal meeting, the delegation of the Foundation visited the Museum of Ceramics of the city, and the ceramics school of the city of Castelli.

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