11 of September, 2013. The visit of the delegation of the Foundation Metropoli in Acireale

On September the 11th the delegation of the Foundation Metropoli visited the city of Acireale. During the meeting with the mayor, lawyer Nino Garozzo the prospects of the cultural and economic exchange with the Russian cities and participation of the city of Acireale in the program of events ACEB 2014-2016 were discussed. In the framework of implementation of the program of ACEB for the 2014 - 2016 the city's mayor invited delegations of Russian cities to participate in the carnival of the city, one of the three most important carnivals of Italy together with that of Venice and Viareggio. The parties have stressed the need to work on organizational issues. The mayor of the town of Acireale is available to participate in the meeting of all the mayors of the cities of Sicily in November 2013 to discuss the program of ACEB 2014-2016 of cultural and economic events. In addition, lawyer. Nino Garozzo has expressed a desire to visit with the delegation of the city of Acireale Russian cities under the program ACEB in order to establish bilateral multi-directional cooperation.

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