27-29 of September ACEB delegation has conducted the work session in Greece

The meaning of cultural heritage of Greece in the world history is difficult to overestimate. The ACEB Association extends its frontiers by starting the collaboration with Greek regions within the ACEB development program.

On 27 September in Kavala took place the meeting of ACEB delegation in the Region District of Macedonia-Thrace with the deputy Regional Governor of Kavala, Mr. Theodoros A. Markopoulos, and with the deputy Regional Governor for Tourism and PR for Foreign Affairs, Mr.Michael Amiridis.

The discussion of joining of all cities of the region to ACEB and the collaboration program for the year 2017 took place within the meeting.

On 28 September the ACEB representative in Russia, Mrs.Natalia Braginskaya, and the ACEB representative in Greece, Prof. Flora Karagianni, Professor of the European University of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, have presented the ACEB activities to the major of Kavala, Mrs Dimitra Tsanaka. She appreciated at its true value the meaning of such international cultural initiatives and expressed the hope for the future collaboration.

At the same day the meeting with the Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kavala, Mrs Stavroula Dadaki, took place. The ACEB Association project was presented there – the first multimedia museum: MUSEUM OF BYZANTINE HERITAGE AND CULTURAL EUROPEAN IDENTITY –MuByz. Agreements about the including of Kavala region monuments in virtual museum exposition have been reached.

The first business week of ACEB Association in Greece was concluded with the meeting in Athens where the meeting of ACEB President, Igor Danilov, and ACEB representative in Greece, Prof.Flora Karagianni, with Mrs Souzanna Choulia, Director of the Directorship of Byzantine and Post-byzantine monuments, Hellenic Ministry of Culture

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